Energy Convertible NecklaceEnergy Convertible Necklace Energy Convertible Necklace Energy Convertible Necklace Energy Convertible Necklace
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Energy Convertible Necklace

€ 14,99
Koper, glas, nikkel getest. Kettingen: 36.6 cm, 66.6 cm, 80 cm. Verlengbaar: 6.8 cm.
Meervoudige kettingen zijn nog steeds trendy en versieren vrouwen over de hele wereld met hun veelzijdige looks net als deze beauty: 2 lange, sluike strengen, 1 halsketting & 2 hangers - allemaal afneembaar. Pas aan op je kleding, gelegenheid of stemming! Goud-look plating.
Hola Chicas! Hot & sassy, with a bold, high-fashion direction, you’ll love these sizzling-hot accessories in fiery colours & styles, pumping up your look, and revving up your energy & adrenaline! Get ready! Get inspired by our Energy Collection for the perfect summer beach or city look, offering fabulous jewellery – mobile earrings, convertible necklaces, bracelets, watches with colour-changing straps, depending on your mood! – kaftans, expandable bags, round bags, baskets, scarves, waist-packs, wallets that turn into clutches, sunglasses & a straw hat with a complimentary kerchief to boot!