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Onze make-up collectie biedt heerlijke kleuren, speelsheid of luxe en verfijning aan de ogen, gezicht, lippen en nagels.
Lip Sensation Matte Mousse
Zolang de voorraad strekt The ONE Lip Sensation Matte Mousse
€ 14,00
Raspberry Ruse Pink Ploy
Lip Pop
Colourbox Lip Pop
€ 8,00
Colour Unlimited Lipstick Super Matte
The ONE Colour Unlimited Lipstick Super Matte
€ 4,99 € 13,00
Perpetual Papaya Endless Cherry Constant Coral Nonstop Nude Persistent Plum Resolute Red Forever Fuchsia Sunset Horizon Perennial Pink Eternal Flame
Colourbox Lipstick
€ 9,00
Soft Cinnamon Soft Burgundy Bright Pink Shimmering Red Pearly Berry Soft Coral Shimmering Cherry Pearly Fuchsia Pearly Pink Soft Red Shimmering Caramel Pearly Peach Bright Orange Pearly Rose Soft Raspberry Shimmering Pink Shimmering Coral Bright Red
Iconic Lip Elixir SPF 15
Giordani Gold Iconic Lip Elixir SPF 15
€ 20,00
Colour Obsession Lipstick
The ONE Colour Obsession Lipstick
€ 6,99 € 14,00
Nail Polish
Colourbox Nail Polish
€ 3,99 € 8,00
Pearly Nude Pearly Pink Bright Red Soft Berry Soft Pink Soft Lavender Bright Raspberry Bright Nude Soft Red Soft Plum
Colour Adapt Lip Balm
The ONE Colour Adapt Lip Balm
€ 13,00
reviews 5/5
Eye Shadow
Colourbox Eye Shadow
€ 3,99 € 9,00
Soft Lilac Dark Olive Pearly Pink True Black Sparkling Beige Warm Brown Shimmering Taupe Intense Blue
5-in-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick
Laatste kans The ONE 5-in-1 Colour Stylist Lipstick
€ 13,00
Ballerina Pink Eclectic Pink Very Burgundy Deep Purple Red Passion Irresistible Red
Long Wear Nail Polish
The ONE Long Wear Nail Polish
€ 4,99 € 12,00
Hypnotic Lilac Festive Merlot Spring Grape Watermelon Punch Orange Sorbet Rosy Nude Grey Moss Mystic Forest Royal Blue
Rejuvenating Lip Balm SPF 12
Giordani Gold Rejuvenating Lip Balm SPF 12
€ 9,99 € 17,00
reviews 0/5